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Web Design

Our progressive views on modern web design ensure that the final product of all project we work on cast the widest net for coverage. By doing so we ensure that users on mobile, tablet and desktop devices will achieve the best possible experience.

Many of the principles surrounding this form of web design (known as responsive web design) have existed for over a decade, however implementation of these techniques for the modern web are more recent. There are numerous companies that have yet to transition their websites to more modernized methods that allow users on the full spectrum of devices to accurately view their websites. We believe that the only true way to future-proof any companies website is to develop a functional responsive website.

The approach we take whether it be with our own internal projects or with client work is to analyze the requirements of the project, goals, user audience and craft custom solutions. Our modern approach follows new and upcoming trends while maintaining a high level of quality and adhering to standards wherever possible.

Web Development & Custom Software

We believe that there comes a time in every internet marketing company where growing needs and challenges lead to struggles that can only be overcome by developing custom software.

At Third Block we've identified bottlenecks in website management process and develop custom content management solutions to drive efficiency in it's field. Our proprietary system consists focuses on multi-site deployment and management that allows us to centrally manage websites located in different data centers on different servers all over the world from one centralized control panel. Using FTP and other protocols to keep sites up to date, our CMS has allowed us to maintain websites most optimally.

Another area where custom applications have benefited us are in the area of link management whether it be links that we purchase for marketing efforts or link exchanges. Such software makes what would otherwise be a very time consuming process to update and manage a large number of partnerships or purchased links a relatively easy and automated task.

We constantly strive to fill gaps where we see we lack in efficiency at Third Block and will continue developing new and innovative products for internal use to better our position in the industries and markets we tackle.

Search Engine Optimization

Top rankings in search engines for keywords and keyword phrases lead to more traffic which in general will directly correlate into increased revenues. At Third Block one of our core talents is in search engine optimization and achieving higher rankings in search engines.

We focus on developing and deploying websites targeting both competitive and more niche search terms internally and for clients within various industries and markets. Our SEO talents and skills have been forged though over 10 years of experience in working with the most prominent search engines online including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine optimization is by no means an exact science and as a result we are constantly adopting new strategies & techniques in order to continue to prosper in maintaining high search engine placement. We employ both conventional and unconventional practices in the world of SEO in order to maintain a competitive advantage over our competitors. Yet we still do our best to adhere as close as possible to the guidelines and rules set by search engines when it comes to acceptable practice in field.

Two of the main areas of focus we put effort into are in content and link building two aspects of search engine optimization we feel will always remain a prominent part of how well sites rank. Content is key both for the user experience as well as search engines. If the user is engaged and sees value in the content published by our sites then we feel that search engines will as well. Likewise if the links we establish with partners and relationships we build with other site owners are viewed at as quality links that make sense then we feel we'll be rewarded.

Both in areas of content and link building Third Block has developed proprietary systems it utilizes in-house to assist in meeting SEO objectives. We will continue our efforts and focus on SEO for many years to come testing new theories and adapting as do search engines.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is also known as PPC and has been a means of advertising online that Third Block has utilized in for many years. We feel as though PPC is a good way to complement our organic search engine optimization and not the other way around as is the philosophy with many other companies.

Essentially pay per click marketing allows for near immediate search engine exposure. It does so by creating the ability to instantly create our marketing campaigns, select the desired keywords to bid on, allocate pricing for daily spends and maximum amounts to be spent on each click though on select keywords and keyword phrases.

PPC marketing has definitely come a long way. Although it's a marketing practice that is still more prone to abuse by competitors than other methods online it's none the less better then it was five years back. All major search engines are well aware of the rampant PPC fraud that takes place and have taken action to mitigate as much as they possibly can.

Key criteria we focus on with our PPC marketing effort are in selecting the best possible selection of keywords to ensure the best conversions, establishing proper campaign wording on both actionable links and descriptions and generally tweaking and monitoring campaigns so as to optimize them for the best performance so we get the most bang for buck.

Content Marketing

Quality content reigns supreme when it comes to search engine marketing and benefiting from social media campaigns. The approach we take with content marketing is to create unique, compelling and desirable content ranging from articles and info graphics to video. We reach out to qualified experts and SME's to assist us in the content production process. Thereafter we utilize content created to both structure effective link building campaigns and to create social media campaigns.

E-Mail Marketing

It's our opinion at Third Block that the only way forward for companies that focus on, or put any emphasis whatsoever on e-mail marketing is to do it right. Straight bulk mail or spam although perhaps lucrative for some companies definitely does no one good but them. We only focus 100% legitimate single and double opt-in user permission based e-mail marketing and use e-mail marketing best practice guidelines.

For us it starts out not by baiting and switching potential subscribers but to be straight with them right from the get go. Lack of clarity in exactly what people are getting or what they're to expect is generally where there are problems with spam complaints from people that may have even subscribed and are receiving what is perceived as a genuine newsletter, offer or other form of mailer. We do our best to commit users to subscribing either double or single opt-in with an emphasis on double opt-in as we like to have confirmation for real users authenticating their request to receive e-mail from us or our partners.

Collection of e-mail addresses is a walk in the park in comparison to the patience it takes in the delivery process and procedures involved in ensuring that e-mails make it successfully to the mailboxes of subscribers. Using various throttling techniques and white listing Third Block has had great success with e-mail delivery.

At Third Block we take pride in our practice with e-mail marketing in terms of the privacy of our end users. We never sell, distribute or relinquish any personal information about information we collect on visitors to our site, registered members, etc… unless under court order to do so which we have never had to deal with.


Analytics when it comes to internet marketing plays a key role in how Third Block better optimizes campaigns across all areas focus in order achieve the best possible results and ROI.

Though the tracking, interpretation and analysis of data we're able to better tailor offers and promotions to our end users in efforts to convert visitors into paying customers.

In depth analysis of data collected allows us to also better suit the look, feel and organization of our websites in order to enhance the experience of our end user and to encourage repeat visits.

In effort to preserve the privacy of our visitors all information is kept from prying eyes and is for internal use only. Any information we gather on user habits, trends, etc… are strictly for internal purposes and used to create a better user experience.

Domain Name and Website Acquisition

In attempting to broaden our reach or gain a presence in various industries and markets we have for a number of years been acquiring websites and domain names. Although we primarily do so for the history and prominence of the domain name we feel this approach adds value to our business by giving us quicker entry to attaining higher search engine rankings for said industries and market. Typically attaining high search engine prominence in competitive markets is difficult to do in any short period of time without employing such a strategy.

We are not in the market to rip people off though so any websites we acquire we generally do our best to pay fair value for in the state that the website is in when we acquire it.

In general after we acquire a website we apply our own look and feel to the site and integrate the site into our proprietary content management system (CMS) making it easier to add the site as a node to our growing network of managed websites.